April 30, 2017

Greetings and many thanks to all reggae DJs around the world for their continued support of my music, especially RASTAMAN IN EXILE, my latest release. Without your hard works and help, brothers and sisters cannot hear my message of the One Love Revolution – the message is in the music and the music is in the message. I look forward to meeting you – and reggae fans!  -in person on the RASTAMAN IN EXILE Fall/Winter Tour. We are all in this struggle together, working for the consciousness and upliftment of humanity. One Love.
“Trop Longtemps Dans Le Vent” (“Too Long In The Wind”) from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (2016 JML RECORDS) 

January 12, 2019
Greetings to all my brothers and sisters around the world.
At this moment in our lives, the struggle continues for positive change and human freedom. As far as I can tell, even though the World is in turmoil, the children of peace, love, and truth believe that the change we are all striving for will soon be accomplished.
Every man and woman shall be judged according to their works, whether they are negative or positive. I am reminding everyone that the Spiritual Scale of Judgement is here, now, and no nation – and no leader of any nation - shall escape.
We need to awaken the Spiritual Consciousness within us all and realize that we are all part of The Solution.
One Love.
“Let The People Go” from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (2016 JML Records)
“Long considered among the most important releases of its time, RASTAMAN IN EXILE has achieved the status of a classic recording among critics and fans alike.” – Roger Steffens

November 19, 2016

     Now is the time for brothers and sisters around the world to pay more attention to the positive message and concept of the One Love Revolution, a concept which can be learned by listening to conscious roots rock reggae music. 
     Jah music is a new telecommunication expressing truth, love, and unity – the essence of the One Love Revolution. The message of the divine Cosmic Creator - through reggae music - teaches humanity to wake from our slumber and to move forward to a higher existence. We must learn that spiritual consciousness – as expressed in reggae music - can help us recognize the philosophies of the One Love Revolution, to better be able to live within these concepts. 
     We must work together to rediscover the meaning and purpose of the “I am that I am” in each of us. This should be the task of all peace loving human beings. 
Conscious reggae music is the message of the Creator, telling us to wake up from our mental darkness and step in to the positive light of the One Love Revolution.
"Last Train To Zion" from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (JML Records 2016) 

February 9, 2019

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.
Let us think about the concept of interdependency. 
The definition of interdependency is, “the quality or condition of being interdependent, or mutually reliant on each other; a situation where two or more people or things are dependent upon each other.”
In order to create a new way of life with human togetherness – interdependency – we have to live with a balanced consciousness of love and acceptance, and with mutual respect.
We have to remove the automatic discrimination, envy and bigotry that is passed from one generation to the next. All actions that are witnessed by others can begin the seeds of hatred and prejudice – or love and acceptance.
Only with love and acceptance can we begin the process of living together as one human family and, thus, begin our journey to achieve universal and harmonious interdependency.
“Last Train To Zion” from RASTAMAN IN EXILE © 2016 / JML Records

December 3, 2016
False Leaders 
       The main reason why a false leader cannot truly lead is because they neglect the moral law of Maat, the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice. Instead, these false leaders cling to jealousy, war, and greed, using lies and pretense in their great desire to manipulate their followers.
       And also, if any man or woman determines to accomplish positive works with force, anger, or speed, they will miss the way of the Cosmic Law of Awareness.
       But if you quietly consider what is right and what is wrong by receiving all opinions equally, without haste or prejudice, you become one with the Cosmic Law. Only then, you can wisely observe, evaluate, and make decisions that are the best for the interest of all people. Strive to live a virtuous life of non-violence, moderation, and purity. Restrain from negative works. Beware of those leaders who speak sweet words without works.
       Gray hairs do not make a person wise. A wise person lives with knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding. He who is wise is eloquent; the quiet man stays quiet, loving, and fearless as he knows that many leaders disguise themselves with manipulative speech. Listen carefully.
"Let The People Go" from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (JML Records, October 2016) 

February 9, 2017

Greetings Brothers and Sisters! I would like to share some history with you.
       Ever since the founders of fake religion and poli-tricks burned down the Library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt, it was the beginning of suppression of truth about spiritual civilization and equality. The destruction of this Library has become a symbol of "knowledge and culture destroyed."
       From that time until this moment, religious and political leaders dis-inform the masses with lies - which in today’s world are called “alternative facts.”
       They were able to replace the truth with fiction and instituted wholesales lies as a means to destroy all literature that explained human understanding of cosmology, theology, and divine science, and about the evolution and brotherhood of the human family.
       For the past 600 years, mankind has been mentally blindsided living in a corrupted world monopolized  by fake news.
       It is time for us to seek the door of truth and open it; truth, wisdom, knowledge, and over-standing can only be achieved when we are willing to work hard and struggle to obtain them.
Democracy without truth, equal rights, and justice will never prevail.

"Rat And Cat World Power" from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (2016 JML Records)

September 20, 2016

     The great ancient African teacher and philosopher Imotep prophesized that we must work together to rebuild and restore a new Civilization for the benefit of Mankind - whether we are living in, or outside, the Motherland. We must look within ourselves and learn from past History in order to understand how can we rebuild Mother Earth and become majestic continents of Nations once more, so we can live together in Love, Peace, and Harmony...
     A great healing of all Nations can evolve from this present sick system, this world filled with hate, violence, and broken promises, a world without Spiritual Consciousness IF WE WORK TOGETHER to build a new Social Evolution.
     Peace-loving people are longing to live a Life of Love, and to see Unity shine once more in a United World. What a great re-discovery it would be, to make a start and rebuild the Brotherhood of Man.
When all Children of the Cosmic Creator gather under the ancient spiritual Tree of Life, Mother Earth shall become one positive circle again.
"Stand Up Wise Up" from CONFIRMATION (JML Records)

Unauthorized duplication, sale, and/or distribution of music is strictly prohibited. © 1974-2019 N.G. Nembhard and ℗ 1974-2019 Nembhard Music, BMI. All rights reserved. 

Atlantic Beach, Florida 2015 Photo: Nan Lewis

June 30, 2019

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters.

Conscious women are extraordinary human beings,
She is a powerful force within the creation of her family, and a shining light in the welfare of her community. She is admired for her positive works.
Considered to be profound, intelligent and thoughtful, some people will never fathom the depths of a conscious woman.
She is well respected, confident and secure within herself.
A conscious woman lives in true divine love, with commitment and honesty.
She is the perfect example for others, women and children alike.
One Love.

“Sunrise Sunset” from the album CONFIRMATION © 1999 ℗2000 Nembhard Music, BMI. Performed by Ras Midas; music composed by NG Nembhard, BMI. Lyrics by Sheldon M. Harnick. Published by Jerry Bock Enterprises, Mayerling Productions Ltd. and R&H Music Company, BMI.

December 12, 2016

Crossing the River of Mystery Babylon
        How wonderful it could be if we could come together and help our struggling brothers and sisters around the world cross over the Rivers of Mystery Babylon.
        Those people who are living in a state of confusion stand on the negative side of the River with no solution. Those who over-come mental darkness will be able to live in a positive light that is free from Mystery Babylon desires and possessions. Those who are spiritually wise will construct a path to cross beyond the reach of Babylon judgement, and will join I & I as freedom souls.
        We all want to be free people, fighters for the balanced scale of justice, working together to open the seven lights of the seven seals within our consciousness.
        I & I have crossed over the Rivers of Mystery Babylon; let us come together and celebrate the real purpose of life in the coming New Year. Let us create a new way of life in the concept of peace, love, and unity as we join together in the One Love Revolution.
“One Step At A Time” from REACHING OUT, Ras Midas, 2006 JML Records

​​June 28, 2016

The Secret Voice Within...
 In the Spring of your youth, when the eyes of Negative People gaze on you and they show you their plastic smiles, the secret voice of Mother Nature whispers words of wisdom to inform you to be cautious of these negative people and their seductive and cunning suggestions.
     In this moment of Truth, you learn to protect and guard your Heart and Soul against the persuasive negativity from these so-called teachers.
     One of the weaknesses that I have discovered in human nature is that we take delight and pleasure in fantasy and illusion - which can bring decadence to our Spirituality.
     We must learn to acknowledge the Truth, in its simplicity, to uplift our Consciousness. This will help us listen to, and reason with, the Cosmic Creator within each of us - which will, in turn, teach us to the Positive Way to live in Truth, Peace, Unity, and Universal Love.

I’ll Be Your Friend (Loving Vibration, 1998 JML)

​​March 22, 2018

Greetings and Happy Spring!
     Brothers and Sisters, we continue the struggle to unchain ourselves from negative history; it is time for us to free ourselves from “so-called morals” that have been imposed on us.
     Manmade “laws” were created over 2,000 years ago to brainwash mankind to be dependent on religious and political leaders to survive economically and spirituality. These “laws” stand encrypted in the history of mankind - not as an exception or curiosity, but as a widespread vehicle for the humble sheep to endure suffering and pain as they followed their blind shepherds.
     What does this mean?
     We continue to live in a world governed by political and religious tyranny. Working people cannot be heard because we are downpressed by the mighty few who control 99% of the world’s wealth.
     When workers ask why their lives cannot be better, the politicians say that we are not working hard enough and the religious leaders blame us with the concept of sin – we should look to the distant stars for a “savior” to come and solve our problems.
     Think about this... It is springtime; it is time to start anew...
"Let The People Go" from RASTAMAN IN EXILE" (2016 JML Records) 

© 1974-2019 N.G. Nembhard. All rights reserved.

​October 11, 2017
The truth must be known...
“One man denies the truth, another denies his own actions. Both continue to live in their own darkness. In the end, they both offend the truth.” Words spoken by one of the wisest African man who ever lived; his name is Imhotep.
This great African, Imhotep, internationally known as the first multi-genius. He was the world’s first medical scientist; Imhotep is the creator of medicine as we know it – over 4,600 years ago! Europeans and European-American educators teach that Hippocrates, the Greek physician, was sometimes referred to as the "Father of Early Medicine.” If this teaching was true, why did Hippocrates himself pay homage to the teachings of Imhotep?
Babylon has and continues to deceive the world with their lies and prejudice so that most of mankind continues to live in mental darkness. It is long over-do for Western educators and historians to teach about Africans contributions to civilization.
As Imhotep said, “The truth you live today will set you free tomorrow.”
“Dread Feelings” by Ras Midas from RAIN AND FIRE (1979) Harry J Records/Island Records
 Watch and learn about Imhotep.

December 22, 2016

“Season’s Greetings to my Brothers and Sisters around the world... I hope in this coming New Year we can all join our hands and our hearts together and work progressively for peace, love, and unity. Let us make this world a better place for our children. Jah Guidance.”
"Let The People Go" from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (Oct 2016, JML Records)

April 7, 2016

The Educated Fools
          True wisdom is less presuming than folly. When a wise person is in doubt, they make the necessary changes, while a fool is obstinate, knowing (and defending) only their own ignorance.
          A wise man or woman always shares their wisdom with the innocent and less fortunate, while the educated fool boasts about their material wealth and ignores the problems of the poor.
          The children of spiritual wisdom must overcome the political follies and cunning religious ways of these educated fools. These so-called "leaders" who disguise and mask themselves - like wolves in sheep's clothing - will be exposed, and history will be their judge.
          The universal laws of nature allow human beings to have free will and to decide their own destinies. It is now the time for all wise men and women, and the children of spiritual wisdom, to stop educated fools from continuing to use innocent people for their selfish greed.

March 24, 2016

          It is time for all of us to accept that Mother Earth needs conservation with Love, not exploitation from Greed. Each of us need to do our best to conserve and recycle.                         It is only when all of us work together that we will be able to make a difference for future generations. 

April 4, 2019

A World Hijacked By Deceitful Leaders
We can all agree that the Mankind is guilty of producing far too many deceitful political and religious Leaders.
The question I am asking is, Why people are still putting their trust in Leaders who are deceiving us for so many years?
Most of us, including some of the greatest minds in History, have permitted themselves to be deceived. We must not let ourselves be lead astray.
These deceitful Leaders fight every positive Human advancement that stands in their way to obtain Power and Wealth. They glorify themselves to stay in Power and maintain Control over the working poor.
I have seen the Innocent sacrifice themselves, fighting for the interests of Church and State while political Leaders and synthetic religious Saints lurk around like snakes, but they are sitting in high places. These Leaders lead a shadowy existence, while stinging the World with their seduction of lies and false promises.
Brother and Sisters, they are all liars.
These deceitful Leaders claim for themselves the concept of God, Truth, Light, Spirit, Love, and Wisdom in their own little world of corruption, while continually deceiving the Innocent.
It is time for us to stop these Babylonian educated fools from using us as their tools.
“Let The People Go” from RASTAMAN IN EXILE
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March 23, 2017
     I send my condolences to all the victims and families and loved ones affected by the terrorist incident that took place in London yesterday. Please do not let this tragedy turn us away from working to achieve peace, love, and harmony. This is no time for us to allow evil to destroy the unification of our human family.
          “It's only righteous can live and be free.
           Judgement a come, wicked a run...”
...from “Trouble Town” on Harry J Records, recorded at Harry J Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1977, with I-Roy; Sylvan Morris is the sound engineer. ℗ 1977 Nembhard Music © 1977 N.G. Nembhard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

June 30, 2017

The true face of a hypocrite is hidden within their subconscious mind. They mask their evil intentions to make their words sound like the truth.
According to the Law of Nature, we cannot change the mind of the wolf to think like the sheep. Neither can we change the mind of the sheep to think like the wolf. It is only a foolish shepherd who will allow a pack of wolves to lead his flock. Sooner or later, the wolves 
will devour the sheep.
There is now a leader who is a wolf.

"Dread Feelings" from RAIN AND FIRE (1978 Harry J Records) 

June 15, 2018

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters.
There needs to be more balance and harmony to achieve unity in our world. It is important to think before we speak - and it is wise not to speak too much. Sometimes being silent is a better way to be heard.  
There is a so-called leader traveling around the world spreading false words of harmony that are deceitful and that are ruining many lives. Words cannot give wisdom or bring balance and harmony if they stray from the truth.
"Crazy World" from Ras Midas’s REACHING OUT album (2006 JML Records)

August 23, 2019

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

This month August marks 400 years since Africans were brought to the Americas and the Caribbean Islands to be slaves, under brutal human conditions, to help built the so-called new world,and for the economic benefit for European capitalism.
Since the emancipation of slavery until this time, we are not much better off. At this moment in our history, Africans at home and abroad are still trap in a new form of mental slavery known as neocolonialism.
In this world of injustice that determines the character of humanity, we are experiencing suffering as virtue, cruelty as moral and the thirst for knowledge a danger.
Africans will never forget those old slavery days, when we were force to accept madness as gladness, and our future was pregnant with disaster. Africans it is time for us to wise up, and rebuild the brotherhood of humanity.
Brothers and sisters, if we are serious about achieving true independence, we have to start educating ourselves about who we are as a people, and continue the struggle for freedom love and unity. We must never give up the fight.
JAH Guidance.
"Rastaman In Exile" from RASTAMAN IN EXILE album (c) (P) 1980 and 2016 N.G. Nembhard, BMI - Nembhard Music, BMI 

June 8, 2016

The Prison Of Fear
     Have you ever have taken some time, some real time, and reason within yourself and wonder why people all over the world are afraid to stand up and demand Peace, Love, and Unity?
     In my humble opinion, the reason why we don't achieve these three important concepts in our lives is because we are systematically educated to live in Fear of each other.
     We need a Spiritual Evolution to unite progressive people around the World. If we don't unite, we will be like a tree without leaves in summer, a well without water in time of drought, or a bird without wings in a raging storm.
     Together we must work to overcome Fear and Mistrust. Let us all wake up from the mental illusion of Hell and Heaven, Sin and Death, and be alive with the Universal Cosmic Cycle of Life.
     Let us not fall prey to the Prison of Fear.
 "Pushing Inside," from CONFIRMATION (2000, JML Records)

January 31, 2017

Greetings in this New Year, to all my brothers and sisters around the world.
The struggle continues to obtain equal rights and justice.
     Today we are confronted with a new patriarchal chauvinist self-proclaimed bully who believes he has the whole world in the palm of his hand. But little does he know that the foundation of Babylon system has been scrumbling to the ground for many years; they all pretend to be strong but they are very weak, indeed. Fire is at the political beast’s tail - and they think it is a cool breeze.
     The political and religious systems of Modern Babylon are in for a rude awakening:  progressive people around the world are rising up and we will never give in. We will not hold our tongues from exalting human rights, truth, equality, and freedom. It was a great joy to see millions of enlightened people unite with word, sound, and power, protesting in peace and with love, standing up with one voice to the system’s new-found bully.
     The voice of all spiritual revolutionaries is the voice of the Creator. The voice of evil men shall diminish under Jah’s love and righteousness.
     Let us continue to keep up the pressure, and fight onward to overcome injustice.
 “Too Long In The Wind” from RASTMAN IN EXILE(2016 JML Records)

​​From Ras Midas...  

July 21, 2016

The Untold Mystery 
Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?” “What am I?” “Why am I here?”
     We are taught that, “In the beginning was The Word,” but, in reality, it is the image and energy of the Cosmic Creator that is the Intelligency and the Foundation of Life, which dwells within Human existence. Engulfed in this confusion, our brains control the Seat of Power (Intellect) for all that we are in our Lives.
     Babylon is searching for the Keys to the Mystery of Life - keys which have been hidden from their so-called Wise Men (Scientists and Archeologists).
     Let us all take a deep look into the reflection of our Existence; did we simply just “happen” without Meaning or Purpose, or, were we intelligently designed and created by the powerful Cosmic (Energy) Creator for a special purpose?
     We should overstand the reason why the Lower Institutions of Babylon’s Educational Systems are trying to erase the reality that Mankind is the recreation of the Cosmic Creator: this is the Mystery.

"Pushing Inside" from CONFIRMA​TION album, on JML Records (2000). 

December 22, 2015  

          Seasons Greetings to all my brothers and sisters around the world. I am wishing you all Happy Holidays and a positive New Year.                                                                                                         Please remember to let us reach out and help our less fortunate brothers and sisters who are victims of war, famine, and tribulations created by the system of Modern Babylon.                  Let us all continue to stand firm, together in Love and Unity, and work harder toward rebuilding a better World for all Mankind. 

March 22, 2016

          Greetings to my brothers and sisters, and especially to the people of Belgium: I send Rastafari Love and my sympathy and condolences to the families who lost their loved ones, and to those who were injured in this morning's tragedy in Brussels.                                                        Let us continue the struggle for Unity, better Understanding and Cooperation to overcome these evil acts in which innocent people are the victims.                                                          Let us work together harder so that Jah Love will conquer Hate, so Peace will conquer War, and for the benefit of Human Existence. 

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October 21, 2016

     When I was a child growing up in Jamaica, I heard people say that, “The world we are living in is black and white, yellow and brown - and we should live as one.” However, some children were taught to judge other human beings simply based on their complexion.
     Now that I am a mature man and have obtained some wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, I realize that the philosophy of acceptance I was taught was, and is, the proper and correct way to teach our youth - and to live our lives.
     Every man and woman should be proud of their heritage no matter where they were born; everyone should be delighted in the image of their creation, their native language, their culture, and their historical customs. We need to move away from the blind mentality of judging other people who are different from us. Move away from the negativity of separating people and stereotyping others based on their complexion. - this causes fear. Living in fear is a self-made exile. Mankind cannot continue to live in fear of each other and pretend to be free.
     The time has come for us to understand that all human beings are fruit of one vineyard and are each and all a part of Mother Earth. We all serve our purpose to make the Garden of Life a beautiful - and colorful - place to be.

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July 20, 2019

Greetings brothers and sisters. Little did we know Western educators try in so many ways to fool and convince us that Isis and Osiris are mythological concepts.
     I just learned that Isis and Osiris are really two powerful human beings; I discovered this truth reading from a book called Ancient Egyptian Proverbs, compiled by Dr. Muata Ashby. It states that there are Egyptian columns as far off as Nyasa, Arabia. Isis and Osiris led an army into India, to the source of the Ganges River and as far as the Indian Ocean.
     Recorded by Egyptian High Priest Manetho (300 B.C.) and Diodorus (Greek historian, in 100 B.C.)
I am just sharing the good news.

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​​April 20, 2016

          The late Nelson Mandela has shown the World how to forgive and compromise with compassion. Let us awake from our sleep and free our minds from Modern Babylon's brainwashing and lies. Babylon attempted to hide the truth about Africa and Human History; this has caused many people to be imprisoned by the mind control which teaches hate, fear, and violence.                                          We all need to be willing to learn and to understand that, unless we work together to accomplish positive change, there is no way out from the current World of mistrust, greed, and selfishness. We have to learn to forgive others and forgive ourselves, as well as accept forgiveness from others.                       We need to re-activate the Seven Senses within our physiological state of  mind so we can cultivate and obtain Higher Consciousness. We need to work together as partners in the reconstruction of the Human Family to achieve universal Love and Unity.

August 3, 2017
Working For Change...
Greetings, brothers and sisters,
At the present time in world events, we are witnessing a political and economic drama that is being played out in the global arena. We need to open up our consciousness and read the signs of history, and not make the same mistakes that were made in the past. Let us not allow ourselves to be deceived by systematic folly-tricks or be caught up in games of distraction.
A great awakening is happening around the world, and people are making their voices heard. It is time for progressive people of all nations to stand up, wise up, and fight for positive change. As long as we work together with respect and tolerance, the negative forces of Babylon can never stop us. Together we can move forward to rebuild and reconstruct the human family with unity and love.
We should be optimistic and energized to work together to obtain positive change. Now is the moment, our chance to help shape the future.
Come... join me in The One Love Revolution.
“Stand Up Wise Up” from CONFIRMATION (JML Records, 2000)

March 30, 2017

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!
In these times of trouble and frustration, we must not let our passions overcome our virtues. In this struggle, we need to stand strong, like a massive rock on the shore, and not let the dashing of the waves pull us down. We must raise our heads high, stand tall like a tower on a hill, and shout out a revolutionary plea for unity. Our voices must be heard all over the world. Together we will trample down the system of modern Babylon with hard work, love, and courage in our hearts, which will sustain us on our spiritual journey to achieve freedom. The way we think and act today is who we become tomorrow. 
“Lean On Jah” from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (now available on CD, remixed and remastered, released October 2016 on JML Records).  

May 11, 2016
Sharing a few thoughts...
          For those of us who are continuing in the struggle for love, peace, and harmony, we will not be denied; let us send a clear message to the warmongers of this world that truth and justice will prevail. It is a burning shame to witness the sub-human conditions that some of our brothers and sisters are experiencing. There are millions of children, mothers, and fathers who are the victims of so-called religion, politricks, and wars.
          Some people believe that "no man is an island," that each individual should stand on their own. For us to grow together, we need to mentally escape from shame, prejudice, and blame; we need to stop judging one another about the tragedies of past history.
          The Good News is that these evil deeds will not last forever; in due season people will wise up and break the chains that bound them from obtaining true freedom and democracy.
          The key to true spirituality will depend on how we respect and love each other   moving forward. 
"Blood In The Sky" on CONFIRMATION, 2000 JML Records 

July 2, 2018

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.
   We must continue the positive struggle towards achieving spiritual and conscious enlightenment to escape Babylon and its political and religious swamps.
So many people do not pay much attention - or even listen to the truth anymore; so many people are caught up in the new world order of alternative facts.
   The swamp beasts are teaching that suffering is a virtue... that cruelty is a virtue... and that suppression is a virtue.  They believe that information is a danger; they believe that peace is a danger - that love is a danger.
Anyone who accepts these fantasy speeches and made-up “facts” is rejecting reality.
   Under these negative schemes, it becomes impossible for some people to open up to their positive spiritual consciousness, remember history, understand divine human rights – and accept truth.
It is difficult to survive in a system that is denying our basic freedoms and is characterized by a diluted value of morality.
   People need to wake up and overstand that these so-called intellectuals are trying to trap us in the clumsy gloomy squeaking political machine that is hiding Babylon’s current failures.
Do not believe that the swamp beasts have changed their colors. Stay strong! Learn the facts. Educate yourself – it is the only solution to escape Babylon’s political and religious swamps.
“Let The People Go” by Ras Midas from RASTAMAN IN EXILE (2016 JML Records)

August 7, 2016

Greetings Sisters & Brothers around the World...

       We are in a political season in which we see many Babylon poli-tricksters visiting communities of hard working people, continuing their All Fools’ Day games. These tricksters are seeking votes which will never be counted in the selection of a new actor as the leading Spokesperson to represent Babylon's Economical Scheme.
       In these times of basic Human needs, the poli-tricksters are of no help to us; they represent the interests of the Global Elite Oppressors who control the Economic distribution of Wealth. They are the agents of a failed System.
       We should endeavor to avoid conversing with poli-tricksters; they come protected by their strange forces while speaking cunning words and propaganda to promote Evil. They do not pay attention to our cries because our voices are drowned out in their ridiculous crowds and Illusions.
       If We The People realize that we have the Power in our hands, we can change the course of History in a positive way. We are giving the Warning before the Dawning that we are Here and  we see Clear.
       May these words rest in the Consciousness of our Minds and give Truth a chance to set us Free. We must never forget that the Cosmic Spirit is for Life, and the Body is for Living.
"No Bread (Rastaman Crusoe)" from FIRE UP (2010, JML Records)

July 6, 2016

Where Do We Go From Here?
     In this revealing time of our History, we all should realize that the present World System is deteriorating. Many people around the World don’t even acknowledge the true Values of Life any more, or the causes for their Unhappiness and Distress. But there is one thing we all know: the so-called Leaders of this World have let us down in so many ways.
    It is heartbreaking when innocent People put their Trust in the System of Church and State, only to be deceived by the Devils in High Places who do not have the Spiritual Vision and Wisdom to inspire their Nations toward World Peace and Security. These Devils love to preach and make promises while, at the same time, they give approval and blind acceptance to the Ways and Means that produce War and Destruction.
     This current World System has given Assent and Confirmation to Warmongers and the Corporate Elite who, with their Power, threaten the Social Fabric of Civilization for their own selfish interests.
     The World has simply been going in the wrong direction. Civilization is at a crossroads. What is the future for our children and generations to follow?

"European Common Market" from CONFIRMATION, on JML Records (2000).

May 26, 2016

The Thirst For Wisdom...                                                                                                                                  How can there be any sensible, logical, and reasonable argument against religious organizations (established by a belief system based on unseen and unknown gods) and not be labeled as a heretic?      After the ancient Kemit/Egyptians' libraries and universities were burnt and destroyed, including all knowledge of Cosmic Science, man had to start over again. Modern Science has proved that the Theory of Evolution is beyond doubt, leaving today's religious fanatics grasping at superstitious deities floating in the sky.                                                    

     It is again time to become a Student of Wisdom.
 "My Own Way" on LOVING VIBRATION on JML Records (1998). 

​​​​'The Touch' - A Review of "Fire Up" by Ras Midas         Reviewed by Achis’ Reggae Blogspot
           I'd hate to sound like an old man, even though I am but - In this day and age where it seems as if artist after artist and producer after producer tries to outdo one another by dropping the craziest lyrics or the craziest riddim - Isn’t it just so refreshing when something beautiful, but SIMPLE comes along? It’s almost become the signal of the changing of the times when going above and beyond and doing the extraordinary becomes more of the norm than the actual norm - And I’m not talking about a long span of time here, we can go back to . . . Maybe just eights years or so ago and see how different the approach, regularly, seemed to be. But that’s not to say that everyone has gone that route, because thankfully, the is a rather small, but very strong, group of artists who do still seem to apply to concept of keeping things simple when making music. The first of these who comes to mind is the constantly underappreciated Junior Kelly. In the company of artists such as Sizzla and Capleton and Jah Mason (who probably can’t even see ‘normal’ in his musical rearview mirror), Kelly has maintained this sort of SWEET and prevalent (for him) style of just making GOOD music. You can go all the way back to the ‘Love So Nice’ days and register them, for the most part, quite similar to the days of the ”Red Pond” album and while the sounds and the vibes will certainly be different, what won’t be different is the approach of just making nice music, first and foremost. Interestingly, another name which comes to mind is one of Junior Kelly’s most recent sparring partners, Queen Ifrica. Again, when you look at some of her peers, such as the fantastic Tarrus Riley, Etana and definitely Jah Cure (who is so far out there that he probably can’t even spell the word ‘simple’), Ifrica’s style, although clearly colourful, is one which obviously didn’t take a lot of cultivation. Although she has progressed in her skills, and continues to do so, Ifrica is simply going to write a song and sing it - That’s what she does. Rare is it that she seems to favour going in all of these different routes musically and trying to flip and combine styles and genres. She is what she is and that is, at least partially in my opinion, a significant portion of her appeal and why her songs seem to check in on levels and spaces that even those of some of her more popular, and even more talented in some cases, cannot reach. And of course there’s Lutan Fyah whose ever-presence, to my mind, is the greatest testament to his simple style. He remains one of the most active and productive Roots Reggae artists on the scene despite lacking the flare of fellow artists such as Perfect, Fantan Mojah and the aforementioned Jah Mason. Still, while I could go on to mention names like Bushman and Anthony B (up until the last couple of years), 

if you want SIMPLE, but MIGHTY Reggae music, it is most likely found in the wonderful class of elders we’re so lucky to still have around recording and performing, such as Ras Midas.
          Ras Midas’ name belongs to this group of artists who aren’t necessarily ANCIENT and aren’t exactly the biggest of names, but have risen through the years and have attained a very strong following and continue to be active. Others would be people like Don Carlos, The Twinkle Brothers, Pablo Moses and Clinton Fearon (and wouldn’t it be so LOVELY if I could add the great Peter Broggs to this list as well), who can be found touring some corner of the world on a monthly basis and still thrilling fans around the world with fantastic and CURRENT music (incidentally, Carlos, Moses and Fearon have released albums within the last year or so and, of course, The Twinkle Bros. release new albums every forty-five minutes). Thankfully, they remain in great demand in places like Europe and California in the States to the point where they can make good livings and continue to remain relevant and continue to have audiences who want to hear their classics as well and, ultimately (for my interests) release albums full of new works. Ras Midas, in particular, like a few of the artists that I’ve mentioned is the type of artist who I really wish that I knew more about. He apparently spent quite a bit of his time coming up in England, but for the most part (at least to my knowledge) his musical developmental years were largely spent in Jamaica, but for some reason or another he always seemed to be kind of ’off radar’ for my tastes. He is, however, giving me another shot to get things right in 2010 as he releases what I believe to be his first studio album in a few years, since 2006’s ”Reaching Out”, which was a decent, but fairly unspectacular album (and not the most consistent of efforts either in my opinion) from the Clarendon born (yes, another one) Midas, ”Fire Up”. I believe the album was completely recorded and produced in California, for Midas’ own JML imprint, as is most, if not all, of his for quite some time now. Clearly, this is a better album than the album that was ”Reaching Out”. The high points are a bit higher and the median quality level of the songs is noticeably higher as well (meaning the consistency is back) and that is the highlight of the album, as you might imagine, from someone who I’ve just detailed as being a very straight forward artist. I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I’ve seen this one getting a lot of mentions in the online community and apparently it’s doing quite well and amongst Ras Midas’ fans the response has been very supportive. Also, unsurprisingly, it seems as if ”Fire Up” has led Ras Midas out on tour yet again and has seemingly renewed and reinvigorated his interest in making the music (not that it ever waned) and that’s reflected in what happens here because the album turns out to be one which is absolutely befitting someone of Ras Midas’ experience with now nearly FORTY years in the business of making Reggae Music.
          That is exactly what ”Fire Up” is - It is REGGAE MUSIC. There are no complicated mixes of styles and there isn’t much in the way of ‘loose’ moments, it is very straight forward and simple Reggae music. What should also be said, initially, is that just looking at the track lengths of the tunes, what you might notice is that, despite the fact that the album checks in at a somewhat (but too) low twelve tracks, there is only one of these songs which is less than five and a half minutes long, so you’re definitely going to get a very HEALTHY twelve dosages of Ras Midas’ brand new album, ”Fire Up”. The first prescription is also one of the most potent as Ras Midas tells us about the ‘Rasta Revolution’. Checking in at the longest song on the album at just shy of eight minutes long, the tune almost seems like two in one with Midas delivering both on the Morant Bay Rebellion and Bloody Sunday. Of course the most interesting portion of the tune is that he applies ‘himself’ to both situations by calling them Rastafarian causes but the connection, almost certainly, lies within the purpose and Midas’ perception of the purpose of Rastafari and His Imperial Majesty. To my overactive brain, it is genius and I’ve had so much fun from ever sense I got to really start vibing the tune dealing with the various directions in which it could be taken (not to mention the fact that its length helps it so much by providing a ‘mood’ for the tune). What a very nice start! Charged with and succeeding in keeping the vibes of ”Fire Up” nice and high is the next tune in, ‘Dread Feelings’. Ras Midas, vocally, is never going to be confused with Robert Nesta Marley, but the way this tune is written, I swear it could have come from Marley’s vault and no one would think it out of place at all. Certainly that should tell you about its qualities, but to just reinforce the point - Like I said ‘keep it simple’ - You don’t get more SIMPLE or more BEAUTIFUL (TEARS!) than this song. The title track runs next and, as always, you’re definitely going to be interested in exactly what the title song of any given album is about because it says so much, potentially, about the rest of the album as well. In this case, Ras Midas uses the refrain ‘fire up’ as in “fire up Jah loving”, to burn away the ills of the world. This is just a cool song, very relaxed and very matter of fact, Excellent start.
          In my opinion, the title track sets very well the stage for the best tune on ”Fire Up”, ’Nuclear Graveyard’, which comes in just a couple of songs after. You want to talk about COOL? Ras Midas approaches the tune with all the intensity of a midday’s nap, but what he’s saying is quite potent as he jumps in with a SCATHING social commentary of what he feels the world is becoming. What REALLY caught my ear is just how subtly MIGHTY this song is, a quality, I might add, which is so prevalent when you deal with a very straight forward and simple method of music making. In the very later stages of the song, Ras Midas just begins to speak and leaves with me the single-most meaningful moment on the album when he says very plainly:
                    There’ll be no flesh left in babylon
                     It will be dry bones. Dry bones”
          The man says this with SO MUCH quiet-confidence that should any of my wonderful readers get a chance to speak with Ras Midas, I’m going to need you to ask this man for a day as to when this will happen, because when he says “SOON!”, you KNOW he’s already seen it. HUGE tune!
          Much like on that wonderful tune and most before it, through the album, Ras Midas seems to maintain this very comfortable mix of spirituality and social situations which is exactly what you’d expect him to do. He may, in fact, do this TOO well as, as you get further and further into ”Fire Up”, you certainly well get the idea that this one isn’t AT ALL going to appeal to many beyond the hardest of Reggae heads - Thankfully, you and I are such people so we won’t be complaining much, will we? ‘Rain & Fire’ begins a stretch of three somewhat similarly vibed tunes, which are also somewhat similar in quality as well. While a little less melodically gifted than several of the other selections here, this song makes up for it in its overall sound (it sounds very BIG) and Midas’ rather epic lyrical approach. And because something tugged my mind in this direction, I will jump ahead to the tune ‘400 Years’ (which you, just like I was, are already thinking is a remake of the Peter Tosh song, but it isn’t), which metaphorically speaks to the suffering of Afrikan sons and daughters and it is GORGEOUS! I mean, I’m easy to cry on a big tune, but this one had my eyes tearing with my head bowed because, it is just so powerful and it contains some lyrical similarities to the aforementioned ‘Rain & Fire’. I digress - The next tune in the strong stretch of three is ‘No Bread’ (and its frustratingly familiar sounding riddim), a very nice sufferer’s anthem. That song precedes the EXTREMELY interesting and similar ‘Hole In The Bucket’, on which Ras Midas takes the old saying and provides with such a sweet and befitting tune in its name. I drive these songs together, obviously, because I think that they’re actually two parts of an idea of expressing just how hard things are for many people.
               “Hey Mr. Big stuff, it’s you I’m talking to
                You give my brothers a six for a nine
                Then you drunk them with the bad wine
                Babylon, you drunk them with the bad wine”
          What he’s saying, simply, is that something is WRONG! And that’s definitely the prevailing sentiment that comes these three (now four) powerful tunes.
          You’ll find somewhat of a similar ideology behind ‘Trouble Town’, but this tune reaches more in the direction of violence in Jamaica and across the world and is speaking directly to those individuals still pursuing and thinking of pursuing that type of negative lifestyle. That is in stark contrast to the very ‘full’ sounding ‘Good Old Days’, which simply sets itself up as a call for the great days gone by. For me, this is the perfect cap for ”Fire Up” as what Midas has done is to paint a somewhat bleak picture on a few of the other tunes, but this one seems to give the direct alternative. I should also mention the nature of the vibes of this song because they’re very interesting. It’s not the type of ‘rah rah’ and ‘cheery’ song you might expect, it’s pretty near melancholy actually, but in that type of sound, you really get the idea that Ras Midas MISSES the days gone by (and his family and his old friends as well). By its end, it proves to be one of the best tunes on the album.
          And lastly, I’ll mention the two changeups here. One is a love song, ‘Come Back Darling’ which is pretty near exceptional actually. Its riddim MIGHT just be the finest composition on the whole of the album, so even if you find it not your type of song (and you might not), you should definitely be able to appreciate its musical quality. Finally, there’s ‘Lean On Jah’ which is a remake of the classic song ‘Lean On Me’. This one, I don’t particularly like and I didn’t expect that I would after I figured out in what direction it was going. Ultimately, however, it is pretty much harmless and doesn’t, at all, detract from the album’s total quality.
          Overall, I do want to make the mention of two things. First of all, in terms of writing - Ras Midas is in a fine form throughout “Fire Up” and I know that I built this review on the notion of being SIMPLE and while I am sticking to that (obviously, you’re reading it, aren’t you?), what I will say is that the man definitely uses quite a few very intelligent metaphors in his lyrics on the album, so while simple still, do pay attention. And secondly, something that I alluded to - The album SOUNDS superb. Reportedly Ras Midas recorded it with his own band and perhaps the chemistry between musicians and artists is what really makes the sonic appeal really high for this one (again, that is, if you really like Reggae music). Aside from that, it’s just what I said, “Fire Up” is a very good Reggae album. Nothing else. It doesn’t break new ground and I’m not even sure that Ras Midas was going for that, but what it does do is to reinforce just the notion of making good music. I’ll listen to and write about big names until I lose the sensation in my fingers from typing and go blind from the computer screen, but good music is something that will ALWAYS grip my attention. Ras Midas’ new album = ‘good music.‘
  -Reviewed by Achis’ Reggae Blogspot