"My music is livicated to my brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling for equal rights and justice, self-reliance, and independence.                                            Please join with me in the One Love Revolution™…"  - Ras Midas

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       Ras Midas has produced critically acclaimed roots rock Reggae music since 1974. Singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist, composer and producer, Ras Midas began recording unique and innovative songs for the famous Jamaican producer Harry Johnson at Harry J. Recording Studio (Kingston, Jamaica). 
       A Rastaman with a distinctive style and a silky smooth voice, Ras Midas sings with the mission of a musical revolutionary. Dubbed “The Musical Prophet” in Europe and Africa early in his career, Ras Midas’s powerful messages of social justice, love, unity, and spiritual consciousness have remained unchanged over four decades.
       Ras Midas consistently presents electrifying performances and dynamic, high energy music with positive lyrics flowing over solid, original and authentic roots rock Reggae rhythms.  Continued...