Reggae Jam 2015, Bresenbruck, Germany, with Oonagh and Vanessa, 2015

Photo of Ras Midas: Nan Lewis

Lorenzo Stam, Ras Midas & Harry Mo, Zootleeuw, Belgium 2014 Photo: Nan Lewis

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2009, Boonville, California

Johan Livens, Roy Romeijn & Ras Midas, Zootleeuw, Belgium, 2014Photo: Nan Lewis

Ras Midas & Robbie Roots, The Netherlands, 2014 Photo: © Nan Lewis

Ras Midas & Ken Boothe, Reggae Jam 2015, Bersenbruck, Germany Photo: Johan Livens

Mango Selector! Atlantic Beach, Fla.                 Photo: Nan Lewis. © 2016 Entertainment Works

Jacksonville Beach, Florida 2012 Photo: Nan Lewis

DJ Lyrical and Ras Midas, Holland , 2014  Photo: Nan Lewis

Ras Midas & Peter Joachim, Reggae Jam 2015, Bersenbruck, Germany. Photo: Johan Livens


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Johan Tackx, Nan Lewis, Ras Midas, Belgium, 2014.Photo: Johan Livens

With ASHAM BAND at Reggae Jam 2015, Bersenbruck, Germany.  Photo: Pete Joachim, www.ReggaeStory.de

Wim 'Radics' Verbruggen, Leroy Sibbles, Ras Midas, Alain Meloen,  Antwerp, Belgium, 2014   Photo: Nan Lewis

Ras Midas with 418 Band, The Conch House, St. Augustine, Forida  Photo: Nan Lewis

Roy Romeijn, Ras Midas & Haresh Gonesh,  Zootleeuw, Belgium, 2014 Photo: Nan Lewis

Johan Livens, Ras Midas, Sam Roots & Enzo, Zoutleeuw, Belgium. 2014  Photo: Nan Lewis

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2009, Boonville, California

Atlantic Beach, Florida, 2015Photo: Nan Lewis

Zootleeuw, Belgium 2014 Photo: Nan Lewis

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Ras Midas with Ras Lennard, DJ Selector on Dreadlocks In Moonlight Reggae Radio on RTV Papendrecht, in Papendrecht, The Netherlands 2014.Photo: Nan Lewis

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Lorenzo Stam and Ras Midas, Holland, 2014  Photo: Nan Lewis

Leroy Sibbles, Ras Midas & Wim "Radics" Verbruggen , Antwerp, 2014 Photo: Nan Lewis 

Reggae Jam 2015, Bersenbruck, Germany Photo: Eljer, www.Reggaeville.com

Belgium, 2014  Photo: Nan Lewis

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Reggae Central, Dordrecht, Holland, 2014Photo: Sam Roots

Zoutleeuw, Belgium, 2014.Photo: Nan Lewis